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As an early childhood educator, you’ll help develop a child’s self-confidence and awareness. There’s far more to your job description than creating and implementing lesson plans, though your first plan begins with finding the right education to prepare you for the joys and challenges of teaching.

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Early Childhood Educators Help Shape the Future

How to Become an ECE Teacher

Learn the basic steps you’ll need to complete—from researching accredited schools to getting licensed in your state—that will help you succeed at teaching and inspiring children.

ECE Teacher Salary

Depending upon which area of ECE you choose, your salary will reflect your choices. Other things that will impact salary are location and your completed education level and experience.

ECE Resources

Just as young pupils need help and attention, educators need a little hand-holding at times too. Our resource page offers news, networks and professional agency contacts.

Explore Early Childhood Education Degrees

Associate’s Degrees

There are a number of basic career paths you can pursue with an associate’s degree in early childhood education, all of which can make a significant contribution to your teaching career longevity.

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Bachelor’s Degrees

Your bachelor’s isn’t just about learning theories and practices of teaching young children; you’ll also gain a wide set of valuable practical skills to help you enter the field with confidence and authority.

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Master’s Degrees

When you earn your master’s in early childhood education, you’ll be qualified to teach in a preschool or elementary setting, but your graduate degree can also open administrative and leadership career doors.

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Online ECE Degrees

You might be surprised to learn that online degree programs in early childhood education are available. If you have a busy lifestyle, an online program may allow you to see to your responsibilities and go to school.

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Careers in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education careers cover a range of occupations from childcare workers to administrators to those who teach others to be employed in early childhood education. Learn about two of the most popular teaching careers.

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Trends in Early Childhood Education

There is constant assessment of the approach to learning and curriculum in early childhood education. Most educators believe in encouraging whole child development, which means they focus on not just academics but language, social, cognitive, emotional and physical abilities. ECE teachers sometimes struggle to balance administrative, state and federal requirements with healthy play and imagination time.

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